Andrew Tate: Genius or Villain?

If you have seen this man on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or any kind of social media, you have probably seen him multiple times in your feed, then look no further than the man known as Emory Andrew Tate III or simply Andrew Tate. I have been seeing him everywhere on social media and even the podcasts I have been listening to wouldn’t ignore his presence or impact in 2022. I have been listening to his appearances on other podcasts and the fact that he is bringing in so much numbers. There is even a series he appeared on called Grilling on a channel on YouTube called Stand Out TV and by his appearance alone, the video garnered now as of writing, over 8 million views. The channel has since struggled to reach something that high. At this point, I just couldn’t ignore it. Controversies aside, Andrew Tate has become the internet’s most interesting personality of the year and he is pretty much the media’s public enemy #1. I want to go over what I like about Tate, what I don’t like and what ultimately comes down how I view Tate. Let’s dive.

What I Like…

Congruency and Principles

One of the major reasons I left the red pill space is because the people in this space are not really congruent with their principles. I have seen the figures who put up this front that they are this alpha and masculine, but their actions betray their ethics. I genuinely think these guys do these as a front just to sell their books and courses. Rollo Tomassi, who is considered the godfather of the Red Pill and is the author of the book, the Rational Male. He always says it’s a bad idea to marry or to get married. Meanwhile, he’s been married since 1996. Donovan Sharp, who has build himself a platform to tell men to not date single mothers, or women past their prime and he has been exposed to be dating a woman who by his standards is past her prime as she is a single mother and is not only older, she is older than him. Even Fresh&Fit, who have a big platform and giving credit where credit is due for them for their hard work, but whenever I had watched them they just don’t have the charisma or the charm and when you watch them they clearly have no game. It was clear to me they use their platform and their clout to get laid and think women are all the same because they want them for their money. That’s why a lot of men are more drawn to Andrew Tate. From what I have been seeing, Andrew always had that consistency even when he was younger. He always backs up to what he says. Andrew was always charming and charismatic and has such a quick wit. I also commend Andrew for sticking to being honorable and maintaining a strong relationship with his brother.


Another thing I like about Tate is that he stands for traditional values. He understands that men need to be men and women need to be woman and that is something I can get behind. You see a lot push from society to throw away traditional values and a huge push towards sexual promiscuity, sexual immorality, and open relationships. You see it in television and movies where masculinity is mocked and being destroyed. The current generation of men are clearly lost and you can see a strong lack of masculine figures in their lives. You see fathers being portrayed as bums or very incompetent, men are afraid of being cancelled and their “kings” nowadays are these young, skinny, lazy, inexperienced dudes. To me, being a man is a man of honor, high character, values, and being courageous to face danger even if it scares him. There was an infamous discussion on Twitch when Andrew and a streamer named XQC (never heard of him; don’t watch Twitch) and there was a scenario made if there was a burglar who is robbing the home and XQC stated he would not go downstairs and just have his lady go downstairs. My jaw honestly dropped when I heard that. Is this your king, Twitch? I promise you if it were happen to my fiancee and I and I just ditched her only to come back after the break in was over, she would look me in the eye and go, “Why didn’t you protect me?”


Nowadays, the currency in social media is attention and Tate knows how to get attention. He’s has a Kanye or a Trump personality. They say the most outlandish things, and they know they’re in headlines. Andrew is a very polarizing figure and he knows how to make people talk.