Andrew Tate: Genius or Villain?

What I Don’t Like…

You Can’t Cheat But I Can LOL

One of the biggest talking points that the redpill community always pushes is that men can cheat, but women can’t and men can because they’re high value. I always heavily disagree with that talking point. Andrew always preached that because the kings, sultans, and very powerful men have always done that. Even IF that were true, that’s still a speedrun of messing your life up. Number 7 of the ten commandments is that you shouldn’t commit adultery and despite claiming to be Christian, Andrew seems to ignore that the entire book of Proverbs from the Bible is a warning of what happens when a man cheats on his spouse or sleeps with prostitutes, it destroys the family. I’m not sure if he is ignoring it on purpose or he is aware, but just doesn’t care because he is an extremely high earner and that is not how he moves. I am never okay with cheating, regardless of gender. Just because WE men can, does not mean we should. I just can’t help but imagine having a daughter and having her witness me cheating on her mother. That would make her think she can find a man who can cheat on her because she watched her dad cheat on her mom. Youtuber Wesly Thomas (Where’s Wes) said this quote, “Be the man you want your daughter to marry.” And he is 100% correct.

You’re Not Him, Bruh, Stop It

Following up, the way Andrew talks about women and relationships are dangerous and thinking that men can have multiple women and women can’t have multiple men. Because of how consumable his content is to his audience, they get this warped idea that they can have multiple women because automatically they’re men. You get 15 year old boys, bums and loser dudes going out there and think they can have multiple women. It’s actually outright laughable. Andrew himself can make the argument because he is a multi-millionaire, world champ kickboxer, millions of followers on social media, but to the very average man (myself included), it does NOT apply at all. Me, I’m 27 and not a millionaire, I have barely under 100 followers on Medium. I only have ONE woman in my life. I don’t think I can handle TWO or more. I also notice a trend of these weird alpha male podcasts popping out of nowhere and they’re just repeating the same redpill talking points and trying to imitate the lifestyle and attitude that Tate has and those podcasts get rightfully roasted by the internet because it’s just bad and outright inauthentic.

Is He Real or Is He Fake?

It’s not a strong negative, but I always do wonder does Andrew believe the things he says. In a way, I do think he believes it because of the life he lives. However, I always wondered if this is how he legitimately acts or behaves . Not saying he puts up a front, but I always wondered how he portrays himself on camera is a character or a gimmick. It is honestly hard for me to tell the difference on who the real Andrew Tate. Social media influencers have interesting dynamic with their audiences and what makes a hard sell whether they’re just doing this for money or if they have conviction. It’s something to think about a lot.

Genius or Villain?

I’m not huge follower of Tate nor am I a detractor. I am just finding a middle ground of how he moves. Genuinely I could go for the conclusion that he is both, but it felt like a cop out. So ultimately, I believe he is a genius for a multitude of reasons. He understands shock values and controversies sell and knows how to piss people off. He also have his coaching course Hustler’s University and he really knows how to market himself.

Side Note: I am not affiliated or paid by Andrew or Tristan Tate at all. I have never used Hustler’s University and probably never will.