10 interesting facts about Australia (part 6)

1. Australia has cold, poorly insulated houses, and when it’s colder than +15 outside, the house is cool. Therefore, many Australians walk right at home in winter in clothes and shoes (in ugg boots, for example)

2. All houses are covered with ceramic tiles.

3. Hot water in the house comes from a gas boiler.

4. It is strict with cats and dogs, there are no stray animals in the city.

5. Australians have long suffered with animals brought here. Either sheep, or rabbits, or now huge toads from South America – starting from the Northeast, are spreading wider and wider, eating all the local small living creatures, and none of the predators eat these toads – they are poisonous.

6. There are feral camels in Australia, about 1 million heads. They were once brought here, and they live in the steppe and desert, run wild.

7. As for the import of any seeds, insects, etc., Australians are very wary. At customs, this is strictly controlled.

8. Going to Australia for shopping is pointless – everything is quite expensive and there is less choice than in Europe or the USA.

9. Many Australians order things through the American www.amazon.com or similar websites – profitable even with shipping costs.

10. High quality products.