10 interesting facts about Australia (part 7)

1. Very expensive bananas. After storms and floods in the state of Queensland, the price of bananas rose to $12-14 per kg.

2. Stores sell products from different countries.

3. Public transport is more expensive than in Russia. Although the payment scheme is somewhat different. Here you buy a ticket not for the “bus” or “metro”, but for the time: for 2 hours or for the whole day. And you also need to consider the zone where you will be driving. 1st zone – within a radius of 10-12 km from the center, everything further – the second zone.

4. If there is a disabled person in a chair at the bus stop, then the bus, approaching, drops to such a level that a person can drive in without any problems.

5. Trains that run in the city and suburbs are called “Metro”, but they do not run underground, only on the surface. They go about once every 20 minutes, according to the schedule.

6. If a disabled person in a chair needs to board a train, then he must drive up to the first door of the first car. Then the driver will get off the train and put a special metal ladder between the platform and the car, so that you can enter directly into the car.

7. Australians are very friendly, both adults and children. A very popular question is “What is your favorite color?”.

8. The Australian government cares a lot about children. Schools are very good, clean, beautiful, with good playgrounds, computers.

9. Children go to school 5 days a week, every day the same time, from 9 am to 3.30 pm.

10. Children at school sit on the floor. At the table on a chair – only when it is necessary in order to do something, for example, to glue.