10 interesting facts about Australia (part 8)

1. In schools, breaks of different durations, there is one long break, about an hour.

2. Children at school are not allowed to go outside without a hat, because of the active sun. They say “No hat – no play.”

3. The school curriculum is not very difficult, almost no homework is assigned. Therefore, parents often worry that their children have little knowledge, and if parents want their child to “succeed”, then they need to look for a school with a more serious program.

4. Australian Christmas holidays are in the middle of summer.

5. The streets are clean, but only because they clean. If somewhere they don’t clean up, then there the Australians will quickly throw empty bottles at everything.

6. There is a lot of garbage in streams, rivers and reservoirs in the city. Often in the water you can see carts from supermarkets overgrown with mud. However, crayfish are found in the stream, which means the water is clean, there is rubbish, but there is no toxic waste.

7. There are a lot of eucalyptus trees on the streets. Eucalyptus is not one species, but hundreds. They tend to have stiff bluish leaves with a strong ethereal-resinous odour. The leaves are usually narrow, but there are also round ones. Eucalyptus fruits are diverse, sometimes interesting: fancy boxes, pipes or jugs.

8. Parrots fly right on the street, beautiful, but yelling very loudly. They eat eucalyptus fruits.

9. In the evenings, you can often see huge bats – these are fruit bats, their wingspan is about 70 cm.

10. Possums live in Melbourne – marsupials the size of a cat. They feed on fruits and are active mainly at night. They carry their cubs first in a bag, and then on their backs, they are very cute.