Top 10 geniuses in which no one believed!

More than 8,000,000,000 people live in the world, but only a few of them become geniuses. Such people just do what they like, work hard and go like tanks to the breach, not paying attention to the opinions of others and their own failures. Let’s start!

10th place: Adolf Hitler.

Yes, it is Adolf Hitler, according to numerous polls, who is considered the most influential politician of our time and certainly the most recognizable. But in his childhood, hardly anyone imagined that something worthwhile would grow out of this gloomy baby. At school, he taught only a few subjects, and scored on the rest. As a result, he remained for the second year in the first class. And at the age of 15 he finished only the third grade, and even then not very well. It’s just mind-boggling. The future Fuhrer was especially hard given the French language.

His teachers said that Hitler was to be stubborn, narcissistic, quick-tempered and did not try to learn.

As a result, after school, Adolf himself took up self-education and already

soon he was fluent in French and English. How did this monster end up in our top, you ask? It’s simple, even though Adolf is evil, but this man radically changed the course of history.

9th place: JK Rowling.

Those who watched the Harry Potter films will surely say “how can you not understand that they will become a bomb?”. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but the fame of JK Rowling, who came up with this story, did not come immediately. Joan wrote her first story when she was only 6 years old. Since then, the girl has not stopped writing, but no one took her work seriously. And even when she offered her book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” to publishers, no one wanted to print it. As many as 12 publishers refused her, but a year later Joan decided to try her luck again and this time only one person agreed to publish her book, and even then due to a coincidence. The fact is that the daughter of one of the employees of this publishing house read the story and asked to continue. Today Joan is a very popular writer, winner of many prestigious awards and, in fact, a very, very poor lady.

8th place: Emily Dickinson.

Our next heroine is not as well known as Rowling, but today she is considered a classic of American literature. During her lifetime, Emily Dickinson did not publish a single book, and even those closest to her did not know about her work. The girl is a Jew like a recluse, communicating with others only through an ajar door. Only after her death did her sister find a notebook with poems in her room and publish the book. And only 50 years later, the girl was recognized as a classic of American literature and the greatest poetess in the history of the United States.

7th place: Steve Jobs.

In the top of the most influential businessmen, Steve Jobs takes first place, but at the same time, from birth, the life of the future genius began with failures. Steve’s biological parents gave the baby up for adoption to complete strangers. School teachers also did not really believe in the success of an eccentric. And only one teacher considered the guy an outstanding personality. Thanks to this lady, Steve began to study well and soon he was transferred immediately from the 4th grade to the 6th. After school, when Steve started his first business in the garage, in which, together with a friend, he invested easy money, they sold one computer with grief in half. His other Apple 3 computer was also a failure, it overheated, failed, which is why no one wanted to buy it. Later, the guy was fired from his own company, but you know the ending! Steve Jobs became a cult figure who revolutionized the world of computers and earned billions of dollars.

6th place: Steve Hawking.

Most recently, this man who became one of the most famous scientists of our time died. He studied black holes, figured out how our universe appeared and traveled all over the world with lectures. When Hawking turned 20, doctors found he had a fatal illness and said that the guy had a little over two years left. As a result, he died at the age of 76. For most of his life, Steve hardly moved, and besides, he suffered pneumonia and lost his voice. From the beginning, friends gave him a speech synthesizer that helped the poor fellow to communicate, but over time, this did not help either, because the scientist did not move at all. There was only one muscle left on the face. A sensor was attached to this muscle with the help of which our hero controlled the computer and conveyed his thoughts to those around him. Most of the time, Steve Hawking spent in a wheelchair almost without movement, but at the same time he led a full busy life that many of us would envy. He traveled the world, lectured, did charity work, flew in zero gravity, was married twice and had three children. In general, there will be problems, watch a lecture by Steve Hawking and tell him what a difficult fate you have.