Interesting facts in pictures post 1 (8 pictures)

  1. A housewife on average walks 11 kilometers a day, doing household chores.

2. Every third person on Earth cannot crunch his fingers.

3. Russia and the United States are separated by only 4 kilometers.

4.23% of the breakdowns of copiers in the world occur due to the fact that people sit on them to copy their ass.

5. The yo-yo toy appeared in the 16th century in the Philippines as a weapon.

6. A drop of alcohol caught on the scorpion drives him crazy, as a result of which the scorpion dies from self-inflicted bites.

7. The rubber armrest of the escalator in the subway moves at a different speed so that the passenger does not fall asleep on the escalator.

8. A rat can fall from a five-story building without any damage.