Interesting facts about the world (part 1)

1. More living organisms can live on our skin than people on the entire planet.

 2. The three richest families in the world have more assets than the 48 poorest countries.

3. Half of the world’s population (and by some estimates, even two-thirds) have never seen snow.

4. Everest is not the highest mountain on the planet. Of course, Everest is higher above sea level than any other mountain on Earth – 8848 m. But if we take the ocean floor as a reference point, then the highest mountain peak should be considered the shield volcano Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Its height above sea level is 4207 m, but from the foot at the bottom of the ocean – 10203 m.

5. The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica. As strange as it sounds, parts of Antarctica’s McMurdo Valley haven’t seen rain in 2 million years.