Funny discoveries and interesting facts about space(5 facts)

1. Saturn has a very low density and is a very light planet. If he could be immersed in water, he would not drown in it.

2. Among all the planets in the solar system, Jupiter is the largest. Surprisingly, all the planets revolving around the Sun could fit inside it.

3. The very first star catalog was compiled by the ancient scientist Hipparchus, who lived in the 2nd century BC. e.

4. In 1980, the “Lunar Embassy” was formed, dealing with the sale of territories on the Moon. By the way, about 8% of the lunar surface has already been sold by the position today. So if you are interested in space from a practical point of view – hurry up!

5. An interesting fact is that the Americans spent huge amounts of money on the development of a special pen that could write in space. Indeed, in a state of weightlessness, ink does not flow from the rod, as it happens on earth. Soviet cosmonauts considered this problem somewhat far-fetched, and took into space for notes … a pencil.