Facts about the New Year (part 4)

1. In Tibet, there is a tradition of baking pies for the New Year and distributing them to all passers-by. It is believed that the more pies can be distributed, the more happiness and good luck will be in the coming year.

2. The world’s first New Year’s card was printed in 1843 in London.

3. The custom of giving gifts for the New Year appeared in ancient Rome. Just, by the way, like the saying that how you meet the new year, so you will spend it.

4. In medieval Europe, a Christmas tree was often attached to the ceiling, and upside down. Just like that, for fun.

5. Christmas decorations appeared in Russia due to a lean year for apples. Before that, the festive tree was decorated with sweets and apples. When there were no apples, they were replaced with toys.

Bonus fact:

The world’s largest Christmas tree is decorated before the holidays in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil. Its height reaches 76 meters, which is comparable to the height of a 20-story building. True, it is still there for Christmas, and not for New Year’s.