Cool bus stops (20 images)

1. A playful and “obvious” bus stop created by a Spanish collective for the city of Baltimore

In 2014, people waiting for the bus on South East Avenue in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore were treated to a public art sculpture. A Madrid-based artist collective, Mmmm, created the “obvious bus stop.” So obvious, in fact, it makes you wonder why the world isn’t full of 14-foot-tall, 7-foot-wide three-letter bus stop typography sculptures that spell out the word BUS.
The shelter is the kind of playful design that encourages people to relax and interact. It’s built like a traditional street bench, with wood planks screwed to a steel structure that supports weight and prevents vandalism.

2. Victoria, Bug Zoo

This TSA, made from a plastic sheet with hundreds of small magnifying lenses, allowed passersby to see through a bug’s eyes. (Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada)

3. Ventura, California

This increible bus stop was designed by Dennis Oppenheim in Ventura California

4. Science Alberta, Invisibility

A cool one:”Is invisibility possible? Invent your future with a career in science.”

5. Rubbish Since Monday

Heart of The City, representative group for Auckland City businesses, worked with Colenso BBDO to discourage people from littering the streets of Auckland with an award-winning outside campaign. Colenso BBDO Auckland showed pedestrians just how much rubbish is dropped around one bus shelter in one week. Everyday the rubbish found around the bus shelters was picked up and placed inside the bus shelter.