10 interesting facts about Australia (part 5)

1. Coin 50 cents – large and 12-coal, they are commemorative, with different pictures, often used as a souvenir from Australia.

2. Light bulbs in houses of two types: either screwed in as in Russia, or with a bayonet base.

3. The voltage in the outlet is 240 V.

4. Sockets here are their own – not the same as in Russia / Europe, not the same as in the UK, and not the same as in the USA.

5. Houses often have sinks with two separate faucets – for hot and cold, without a mixer. This is a British tradition.

6. Houses in Australia are expensive, according to the report of the Housing Affordability Survey – the most inaccessible houses in the world, but much more affordable than in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

7. The salary of an engineer or a doctor is approximately from 70 to 130 thousand AU$ per year.

8. If you rent a house, then the average price for housing for a family is about $ 300 a week, this is in a not very distant decent suburb.

9. The price of housing does not depend much on proximity to the sea. Although many newcomers certainly dream of living by the sea, living there is colder, windy and wet. The price depends more on the proximity to the city, and on the prestige-non-prestigiousness of the area.

10. In Australia, cold, poorly insulated houses, and when it’s colder than +15 outside, the house is cool.