10 interesting facts about Australia (part 2)

1. The sun is very evil, a lot of ultraviolet light, it is easy to get burned.

2. The largest tram network in the world is located in Melbourne, Australia.

3. The Australian economy is largely based on the export of gas, ore, and the government generously shares the profits. Social assistance is highly developed.

4. If you have, say, 4 children, and preferably 5, then so many benefits are given that, in principle, you can already live without working.

5. About 20 million tons of wheat are grown in Australia, about a ton for every inhabitant of the country; a significant part is, of course, for export. A very small percentage of the people are involved in agriculture: 3.6% of the working population. Labor productivity in agriculture is incredibly high.

6. Health care in Australia is rather strange compared to Russia. For example, doctors do not come on calls, even to a child (although there is, of course, an ambulance for serious cases). You need to take a sick child and go to the doctor. However, people rarely get sick and live long.

7. In Australia, right on the street, you can take household items for free: a microwave oven, a vacuum cleaner, a stereo system, a computer, a printer, chairs and other furniture. There are a lot of TVs, for different tastes and sizes. People put these things up next to their house – this means you can pick it up. Things are often almost new.

8. In Australia, you can sometimes bargain in a store.

9. It is mandatory to vote in elections, otherwise a fine.

10. The head of state is the British Queen(At the moment it is the King of Great Britain). It is depicted on coins. She is young on old coins.