10 interesting facts about Africa(part 8)

1. Matriarchy reigns in some African tribes. Women can maintain male harems.

2. On August 27, 1897, the shortest war took place in Africa, which lasted 38 minutes. The Zanzibar government declared war on England, but was swiftly defeated.

3. Graça Machel is the only African woman to have been “First Lady” twice. The first time she was the wife of the President of Mozambique, and the second time – the wife of South African President Nelson Mandela.

4. The official name of Libya is the longest country name in the world.

5. African Lake Tanganyika is the longest lake in the world, its length is 1435 meters.

6. The Baobab tree, which grows in Africa, can live from five to ten thousand years. It stores up to 120 liters of water, so it does not burn in a fire.

7. The sports brand Reebok chose its name in honor of a small but very fast African antelope.

8. Baobab trunk, can reach 25 meters in volume.

9. Inside the baobab trunk is hollow, so some Africans arrange houses inside the tree. Entrepreneurial residents open restaurants inside the tree. In Zimbabwe, a railway station was opened in the trunk, and a prison in Botswana.

10. Very interesting trees grow in Africa: bread, dairy, sausage, soap, candle.