10 interesting facts about Africa(part 6)

1. The largest country in Africa is Sudan, and the smallest is the Seychelles.

2. The top of Mount Dining Room, located in Africa, has a top that is not sharp, but flat, like the surface of a table.

3. The Afar Basin is a geographical area in eastern Africa. Here you can watch the active volcano. About 160 strong earthquakes occur here every year.

4. The Cape of Good Hope is a mythical place. Many legends and traditions are associated with it, for example, the legend of the flying Dutchman.

5. Pyramids are not only in Egypt. There are over 200 pyramids in Sudan. They are not as tall and famous as those located in Egypt.

6. The name of the continent comes from one of the Afri tribes.

7. In 1979, the oldest human footprints were found in Africa.

8. Cairo is the most populous city in Africa.

9. The most populous country is Nigeria, the second largest is Egypt.

10. A wall was built in Africa that was twice as long as the Great Wall of China.