10 interesting facts about Africa(part 5)

1. In Africa, there are tribes that are considered the highest in the world, as well as tribes that are the smallest in the world.

2. In Africa, the system of health care and medicine in general is still poorly developed.

3. More than 25 million people in Africa are considered to be living with HIV.

4. An unusual rodent lives in Africa – a naked mole rat. His cells do not age, he lives up to 70 years and does not feel pain at all from cuts or burns.

5. In many tribes of Africa, the secretary bird is a domestic bird and serves as a guard against snakes and rats.

6. Some lungfish that live in Africa can burrow into dry ground and thus survive drought.

7. The highest mountain in Africa – Kilimanjaro is a volcano. Only he had never erupted in his life.

8. In Africa, the hottest place in Dallol is located, the temperature here rarely drops below 34 degrees.

9. 60-80% of Africa’s GDP is agricultural products. Africa produces cocoa, coffee, peanuts, dates, rubber.

10. In Africa, most countries are considered third world countries, that is, poorly developed.