10 interesting facts about Africa(part 4)

1. The planet Tatooine from the Star Wars movie is not a fictitious name at all. Such a city exists in Africa. It was here that the shooting of the legendary film took place.

2. There is a unique red lake in Tanzania, the depth of which changes depending on the season, and along with the depth, the color of the lake changes from pink to deep red.

3. On the territory of the island of Madagascar there is a unique natural monument – a stone forest. High thin rocks resemble a dense forest.

4. There is a large landfill in Ghana, where household appliances from all over the world are brought.

5. Unique goats live in Morocco that climb trees and feed on leaves and branches.

6. Africa produces half of all the gold that is sold in the world.

7. Africa has the richest deposits of gold and diamonds.

8. In Lake Malawi, which is located in Africa, the most species of fish live. More than in the sea and ocean.

9. Lake Chad, over the past 40 years, has become smaller, by almost 95%. It used to be the third or fourth largest in the world.

10. The world’s first sewer system appeared in Africa, on the territory of Egypt.