10 interesting facts about Africa(part 3)

1. For several years now, the African government has been raising the issue of renaming all geographical names acquired during colonization to traditional names used in the tribal language.

2. Algiers has a unique lake. Instead of water, it contains real ink.

3. In the Sahara desert there is a unique place called the eye of the Sahara. This is a huge crater, with a ring structure and a diameter of 50 kilometers.

4. Africa has its own Venice. The houses of the inhabitants of the village of Ganvie are built on the water, and they move exclusively by boat.

5. Howik Falls and the reservoir into which it falls are considered by local tribes to be the sacred abode of an ancient monster similar to Loch Ness. Livestock is regularly sacrificed to him.

6. Not far from Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea, is the sunken city of Heraklion. It was discovered very recently.

7. In the middle of the great desert there are lakes Ubari, but the water in them is several times saltier than in the sea, so they will not save you from thirst.

8. In Africa, there is the coldest volcano in the world, Oy Doinio Legai. The temperature of the lava that erupts from the crater is several times lower than ordinary volcanoes.

9. Africa has its own Colosseum, built in the Roman era. It is located in El Jem.

10. In Africa, there is a ghost town – Kolmanskop, which is slowly swallowed up by the sands of the great desert, although 50 years ago, it was densely populated by residents.