10 interesting facts about Africa(part 2)

1. “Thundering smoke” – this is the name of Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi River, local tribes.

2. Victoria Falls is over a kilometer long and over 100 meters high.

3. The noise from the fall of water from the Victoria Falls extends for 40 kilometers around.

4. On the edge of Victoria Falls there is a natural pool called the Devil’s Pool. You can swim along the edge of the waterfall only during the drought period, when the current is not so strong.

5. Some African tribes hunt hippos and use their meat for food, even though hippos have the status of a rapidly declining species.

6. Africa is the second largest continent on the planet. There are 54 states here.

7. Africa has the lowest life expectancy. Women, on average, live 48 years, men – 50.

8. Africa is crossed by the equator and the prime meridian. Therefore, the continent can be called the most symmetrical of all existing ones.

9. It is in Africa that the only surviving wonder of the world is located – the pyramids of Cheops.

10. There are more than 2,000 languages in Africa, but Arabic is the most widely spoken.