10 interesting facts about Africa(part 10)

1. The snow cap of Kilimanjaro is rapidly melting. Over the past 100 years, the glacier has melted by 80%.

2. Many African tribes prefer to wear a minimum of clothing, putting on the body only a belt to which weapons are attached.

3. Fez is home to the oldest functioning university in the world, founded back in 859.

4. The Sahara desert covers as many as 10 African countries.

5. Under the Sahara Desert there is an underground lake with a total area of 375 square kilometers. That is why oases are found in the desert.

6. A large area of the desert is occupied not by sands, but by petrified earth and pebble-sandy soil.

7. There is a map of the desert with marks of places marked on it, in which people most often observe mirages.

8. The sand dunes of the Sahara Desert can be taller than the Eiffel Tower.

9. The thickness of loose sand is 150 meters.

10. Sand in the desert can heat up to 80°C.