10 facts about money (part 2)

1. One million dollars weighs 10 kg if only $100 bills are used.

2. In 1788, Oliver Pollock created paper money.

3. Turkey has the largest banknote denomination.

4. In Russia, ruberoids are made from money that has gone out of circulation.

5. Living people are forbidden to depict on banknotes in the United States.

6. The best way to get acquainted in China is money.

7. Hundreds of thousands of microbes can exist on a single bill.

8. Alexander the Great was the first ruler who ordered his image to be minted on coins.

9. Swedish copper coins are considered the heaviest copper coins in the world.

10. The heaviest copper coin was issued under Catherine I. It was 1 ruble, its weight reached 1.6 kg. dimensions 18*18 cm, with a thickness of 5 mm. produced in 1725-1726.