Facts about gravity (part 3)

1. There are two pairs of planets in the solar system with almost the same gravity. This is a pair of Earth and Venus, as well as Mars and Mercury.

2. The lunar force of gravity is six times weaker than the earth, but objects on the surface of the moon fall faster, since there is no atmospheric resistance.

3. The higher the gravity on the planet, the lower the maximum height that the mountains on it can reach. On Earth, for example, the maximum calculated height of a mountain from the base to the top can reach about 15 kilometers.

4. Due to the lower gravity, people who grew up, for example, on Mars, will be taller than the inhabitants of the Earth, but at the same time they will be inferior to them in physical strength.

5. Purely theoretically, a person can adapt to life on celestial bodies, the gravity of which differs from that of the earth by no more than about three times.