Facts about gravity (part 2)

1. To overcome the force of gravity of the Earth, the rocket needs to accelerate to 11.2 kilometers per second.

2. In the absence of gravity, carbonated drinks can be life-threatening, as the gases contained in them will not be distributed throughout the body incorrectly.

3. A neutron star the size of the Sun would have such powerful gravity that on its surface there could not be hills higher than 5 millimeters in height, otherwise they would collapse under their own mass.

4. Gravity cannot be completely absent. Even in outer space, for example, in Earth’s orbit, astronauts in weightlessness are affected by the microgravity of the Earth, the Sun, the Milky Way and other celestial bodies.

5. In the absence of gravity, the flame around a burning match or candle spreads in all directions, and does not stretch upward.