Vet reveals the craziest things pet owners have done, and it’s hard to believe they have actually happened

The 26-year-old woman named Ali has been working as a veterinary technician for 3 years and has seen plenty of animals, collecting various stories and incidents through the years. The woman says she enjoys her work, including the surprises and hardships that come with it. With plenty of funny and strange stories under her belt, yesterday Ali decided to share a few of them with the world. So scroll down below to read those stories and don’t forget to comment and vote on your favorites!

1. My Cat Is Making A Funny Sound

Young woman books an emergency appointment for a cat. We ask why she’s here, she tells us that she recently adopted this cat from a shelter a few days ago with all his paperwork, showing that he’s clean as a whistle. Fine, so what’s the problem? “Well, I think he may have a lung infection, he sometimes makes a funny sound and it’s happening more often. Usually it’s triggered when he’s near me or when I touch him, but he’ll sometimes just do it around the house”. While the vet is checking out the cat’s lungs I’m holding the cat and gently scratching behind the ears. He starts to purr. A deep loud hearty sound that fills the room. “THAT’S IT THAT’S THE SOUND!” We’re momentarily stunned, eventually the vet manages to reply “Wut? Uhhh….seriously? That’s a purr. He’s happy, if that’s it you can go home.” She’s still confused, but relieved and I give her a bunch of cat pamphlets and stuff and send her on her way. She was sweet as pie and about as smart as one too. That’s okay, she thought something was wrong and came rushing in.

2. Foreign Body Removal: A Magic Trick

Love them dearly, but dogs can be morons sometimes. So a Golden Retriever (shocking) came in with symptoms like lethargy, excessive drooling, vomiting, not eating (uh oh, it’s a Golden, something up here), and distended belly. We x-ray the patient and his stomach and part of his intestines are completely distended, like balloon huge, and filled with we’re not sure yet. Table time. These surgeries are generally not short, but this guy took the prize. 4 hours later, we removed 6 and a half socks and 3 large dishtowels. The surgery looked more like the magic trick with the scarves up the sleeves than the trick itself. It never ended. We were dying of laughter, but holy shit. The dog is fine now. Hopefully no longer scarfing laundry. Sorry not sorry.

3. Nipples

Nipples baffle the sh*t out of pet owner’s new and old alike. It happens so frequently that it’s a joke now. “Oh my god I found some lumps on their belly!” So for everyone’s awareness cats and dogs alike have six to eight nips along their belly and it’s okay guys. Sometimes the boys flash them too. Sometimes girls and boys alike don’t. The best was the big burly guy and his Mastiff and he would simply not accept that his MALE dog had nipples. Wanted to get them removed under anesthesia even after explaining to him that they’re normal. It was funny, but he was a bit intense. Nice dog though.