Twitter users burst into laughter over images of their professions from photo stock banks (21 images)

Increasingly, representatives of popular professions are faced with a strange interpretation of their work on stock photos. Special for that a hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob appeared.
A flash mob was started by the American biophysicist Nicole Paulk. Not so long ago she was preparing a presentation telling about her work and trying to pick up pictures that most reflect its meaning. But photo stock banks had only awful parodies on them. For example, one of them had a brutal man on it, examining a piece of the dry ice. According to Paulk’s words, nobody ever gave that much attention to this substance.

Meaningless photo made scientist laugh so hard that she posted it on her Twitter account. Scientific society liked it as well and started to use this hashtag widely. They googled photos on free photo hostings and soon the social network got flooded by them.