The exotic horrors of Australia

What first comes to mind when you say Australia? Koalas? Kangaroo? Great actors? All this is in some places, the sweet and bright side of this continent. However, any Internet user knows that Australia is the most dangerous country for tourism in the world. But despite this, it is exotic insects and animals that attract travellers a lot.
Look at a selection of photos from tourists and locals. These are the most common dangers that you may find yourself there. Perhaps, after that, many people under no circumstances dare to go there.

1. The biggest bat in the world.

2. Lizards can spy on you.

3. And this monster is far from the most dangerous spider in Australia.

4. Meanwhile, in Australia.

5. Araucaria. According to statistics, they are just as dangerous to people when falling on their heads, like other animals.

6. Do you still think the kangaroos are cute? And all that it got without a gym.

7. Yes, yes, yes it’s a crocodile.

8. Cute pet. Do you want the same?

9. And this phenomenon is called spider frost.

10. Here’s how the locals hide the counters.

11. You also cannot go to the toilet quietly.

12. The body of a whale filled with gas. It is about to explode with a “magnificent” firework.