The best movies from Guy Ritchie

Some may find it hard to believe that the guy who directed Aladdin live-action in 2019 is the same person who directed Snatch in 2000. Guy Ritchie is the United Kingdom’s counterpart of Quentin Tarantino, as both directors produce highly entertaining, violent action films with multi-layered narratives. The distinction is that Ritchie’s films have a distinctly British approach to the subject matter. Aside from multiple big-budget blockbusters, Hollywood remakes, and even a live-action film, Ritchie’s specialty remains action films.

1.’Sherlock Holmes’ (2009)

In 2009, Ritchie’s hiring to helm a big-budget Hollywood rendition of Sherlock Holmes seemed an unusual pick. The movie follows Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his partner, Dr. John Watson (Jude Law), investigating the case of a man who is believed to have committed suicide in his hotel room but then reappears and resumes his murder spree.Ritchie has created an engaging film that is both witty and action-packed. His distinct approach translated unexpectedly well to the legendary series, demonstrating that even when given a task, he can deliver exceptional results.

2.’Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels’ (1998)

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels was Ritchie’s directorial debut, and it defined his aesthetic in many aspects. The movie revolves around a heist in which a confident young man decides to steal from a small-time gang to pay off a large debt he accrued to a powerful crime boss in a game that was rigged. Lock, Stock is chock-full of terrific writing, acting, vivid characters, and a well-told plot that established Ritchie’s signature filmmaking style. Moreover, despite the fact that the accents utilized in the picture are sometimes as confusing as some sequences, Ritchie manages to keep the action and comedy high.

3.’Snatch’ (2000)

Snatch is set in the London underground of crime and has two intertwined stories. One centers on the hunt for a stolen diamond, while the other is with a small-time boxing promoter (Jason Statham) who finds himself under the control of a violent mobster (Alan Ford). Ritchie has a lot to live up with after Lock, Stock. However, with a larger budget and more star power, Ritchie emerged with an even better British gangster film than his 1998 debut. Snatch is a humorous, engrossing film in which every line of dialogue is razor-sharp. It also stars Brad Pitt‘s boxer Mickey O’Neil, who was not in Ritchie’s original script but shows up and steals every scene he’s in.