The best crime shows of 2022(part 1)

The best crime series range from stories based on fact to thrilling mysteries too wild to be true, and the best crime series of 2022 know how to steal your attention. As fascinating as new true crime documentaries are, sometimes the added dramatization and distance of fiction can be even more enthralling, and the new crime drama TV series premiering in 2022 are no exeption.

1.The Cleaning Lady

Maybe you like shows about people who, after being abandoned by the bureaucratic systems that are supposed keep them safe and healthy, take matters into their own hands and dabble in various criminal enterprises in order to save themselves and their families. Maybe you find shows with such conceits too stressful to watch even though you want to. Either way, in The Cleaning Lady, Elodie Yung plays a badass Cambodian doctor who brings her son to the US for a medical procedure. For various reasons, they are failed by the healthcare complex and she decides to do whatever it takes, and fight back.

2. Search Party, Season 5

Search Party! The highly experimental satire/mystery/thriller series has just released its final season! I’m very proud of the way this show moved along, slipping on and off various generic conventions as it moved from season to season, all while slinging razor-sharp commentary. Good job, Search Party!

3.Archive 81

So let me get this straight… in this series, an archivist must take over the restoration of tapes put together by a filmmaker who investigated a dangerous cult, and then gets sucked into a mystery about it? Literally, stuff like this is WHY people become archivists in the first place.