Photos that show the essence of life with a cat

At, we are confident that everyone with a pet deserves a monument in a lifetime for his ability to stay calm when chaos reigns in the house. And here is the true story of how life with a cat looks.

Cats do not tolerate imposed choices. It is more convenient for them to choose a bowl on their own.

If the cat wants to drink this way – he will do it, and the owner will meekly wipe the floor in the kitchen.

The pet in the house will try everything it can on the tooth.

Everything that cannot be eaten will be marked.

Very soon you will realize that everything you buy everything will be destroyed in the walls of the cat’s monastery.

And when you find a disaster – the cat will be calm, because he did useful: he sharpened claws.

All that cannot be marked and destroyed, he will simply contemplate. This cat loves Christmas trees but hates packages.

A visit to the veterinarian is a separate quest.

If there are two cats in the house, then they will find what to fight for. In most cases, it will be food.

When they have no reason for rivalry, you can just make a “friendly bite”.

All surfaces in the house will belong to the cat, horizontal and vertical.

And also in his power are all containers of different types and shapes: boxes, bags, vases, sinks.

The pet will conquer new peaks, no matter how flexible, unstable and uncomfortable they are.

Sometimes the cat will provoke a heart attack in you, appearing in places where you do not expect it at all.

Fluffy happiness will not miss the opportunity to overtake you in any room.

Therefore, instead of a relaxing bath, you can suddenly take on a stimulating one.

A family photo with cats can turn into a frame from a ghost film.

If the cat asks him to let him walk in the rain, this must be done. Although he will come furious and you will also have a problem for it.

If the cat asks him to let him in through this door – humble yourself. This is another way of dominating a man.

And people willingly acknowledge this dominance: no one will even disturb the cat in public transport.

Cats constantly invade the personal space of a person, sometimes preventing you from even breathing.

Want to watch the series after work?

Or maybe you want to cook mashed potatoes?

Do you want to drink a mug of coffee?

If you want a cat, get ready to spend a ton of money.