People who are having a worse day than you (21 images)

Ever had one of those days when absolutely everything just seems to go wrong? Of course you have, it happens to all of us from time to time. All you can really do is get through it, get an early night and start afresh tomorrow.

Sometimes though, it’s all about perspective. Are things really that bad? Maybe after seeing this list you’ll change your mind a bit. Now benefiting from the misfortune of others is not usually something we encourage, but these people are having a really bad day. So cheer up, it could be worse!

1. New Skeleton Found In Pompeii: This Guy Was Running From The Eruption, When A 300 Kg Boulder Hit Him Right In The Face

2. Maybe A Bit Too Much Rain

3. A Bird Flew In My Window, Sh*t On My Laptop, And Decided To Die Right In Front Of Me. How’s Your Day Going?

4. Nothing But Trouble

5. This Is What Hail Damage To A Moon Roof Looks Like

6. My Phone Auto Connect To My Car When I Picked Up Mother And Father In Law… Didn’t Notice Till They Pointed It Out

7. University Of Houston Handed These Out The First Week Of School