Brilliant works of the Photoshop battles winners

Photoshop experts regularly improve their skills. On the Internet, there are often battles between them to turn an impressive picture into a brilliant one. The most vivid, funny and talented images quickly become viral, the works of the best are included in the collection of outstanding masterpieces that Internet users pass from hand to hand. We have gathered for you brilliant masterpieces of winners of Photoshop battles that will not leave you indifferent.

Titmouse boasts of its prey

The cat bathes in the rays of magic light

The caterpillar is terrifying

Donald Trump’s scream

The dog walks on the water

May I have your attention, sir?

A dog is a superhero

Turtle Fireworks

Chewbacca dog

Bird waterfall

Nocturnal kitty and pigeons


Kitten in the movie Titanic

Squirrel sniffs the snow


An owl who loves to peep

Squirrel fighter

Sloth star of figure skating

Deer in a wig

Dog of easy virtue

Donald Trump as a Dementor

Chicken with curls

Bourne identification

Cheshire Cat

Hug dog

Hawk head of the gang


Beggar dog

Capybara on the formula 1

Alpaca is a servant of Themis

Leopard thief

Gecko guitar player