Amusing parody of world painting masterpieces

What do you usually do during your lunch break? Eat a business lunch, read, take a walk or just wash to sleep? However, some people find much more creative activity at this time. For example, two colleagues Chris and Francesco used some of their lunch breaks to recreate famous paintings right in their office. They decided and edited all the photos on their phones.

1. “Blonde Beauty” by painter Walt Otto

2. “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” by painter Johannes Vermeer

3. “The Son of Man” by painter Rene Magritte

4. “Thinking of Death” by painter Frida Kahlo

5. “Mona Lisa” by painter Leonardo Da Vinci

6. “Portrait of a Man in a Turban” by painter Jan Van Eyck

7. “Christ’s Appearance to Mary Madeline After Resurrection” by painter Alexander Ivanov

8. “Christina’s World” by painter Andrew Wyeth

9. “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp” by painter Rembrandt

10. “Tommaso di Folco Portinari” by painter Hans Memling

11. “The Old Guitarist” by painter Pablo Picasso

12. “The Creation of Adam” by painter Michelangelo

13. “Two Ballet Dancers” by painter Edgar Degas

14. “Lady and the Unicorn” by painter Sight

15. “David with the Head of Goliath” by painter Caravaggio

16. “Timoclea uccide il capitano di Alessandro Magno” by painter Elisabetta Sirani

17. “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” by painter Jacques-Louis

18. “The Two Fridas” by painter Frida Kahlo

19. “Jean-Baptiste Colbert” by painter Philippe de Champaigne

20. “Medusa” by painter Caravaggio

21. “Ecce Homo” by painter Elias Garcia Martinez

22. “Young Man and Woman in an Inn (Yonker Ramp and his Sweetheart)” by painter Frans Hals

23. “A Flag of Truce” by painter Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

24. “The Martyrdom of Saint Vitalis” Drawing from a 14th Century French Manuscript

25. “Wife Discovers Browser History, unknown artist, c. 1586” by Jeroom, Inc for Humo Magazine

26. Classical Drawing of Yogic Poses. Unknown Artist, Date Unknown

27. “Portrait of George Henry John Heighman” by painter Edwin Dalton Smith, approx.1852

28. “The Nightmare” by painter Henry Fuseli

29. “The Life of a Hunter” by painter Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait

30. “American Gothic” by painter Grant Wood