Dog waits for his owner to arrive home in a unique way


Every dog owner knows how much their beloved pets miss them when they’re gone, even if it’s just a quick walk to the post office. At the exact moment you return back, your buddy just bursts with joy, ready to celebrate your arrival.
But this 6-year-old Vizsla Murray is not really an ordinary example.

This dog has his own creative way to show how happy he is when his owner finally arrives home, and the internet is already loving it.

Instead of wagging his tail and preparing for cuddles, Murray climbs to the highest point of his owner AJ Allee’s house.

When AJ Allee first saw Murray on the roof, he was surprised and a little terrified.

“We didn’t realize it until neighbors came and rang our doorbell,” said AJ Allee

“It was terrifying because we were afraid he would jump or fall”

AJ Allee first tried to find how he got there and block the entrance to prevent it from happening again

“That lasted 3 days”

“He found another place so we accepted it. Then it became funny”

AJ Allee is a pilot and he occasionally takes Murray for a flight.

He’s a good co-pilot despite the fact that he’s usually sleeping.

AJ Allee says that he had never heard of a dog climbing the roofs like this. What a unique buddy!