John Oliver’s honest remake of Facebook’s latest ad is brutal (cool video)

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver discussed Facebook’s $119 billion loss last Thursday, when the tech company’s stock plummeted 19 percent.
Facebook has struggled with its reputation since it became public that an unauthorized data disclosure had affected up to 87 million users. After the scandal broke earlier this year, the company aired an apology ad, which is more obligatory than “f*** you,” Oliver said.
“Facebook was doing literally exactly what it was built for — that’s why it was worth $600 billion,”
he added.
“You [don’t] build history’s most profitable data-harvesting machine by accident.”
Oliver was also critical of Facebook for using Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as “a backdrop to promote” its virtual reality tools, so he decided to be the friend Facebook needs and write the ad that should have been.
Facebook’s original ad tried to remind you of all the “friends” you have on the platform, while issuing a half-assed apology for “fake news” and “data misuse.” But HBO’s Last Week Tonight changes the ad ever-so-slightly to highlight the only thing Facebook actually cares about: Harvesting your data to make a fuck-ton of money.

John Oliver has revived the ad. Only this time the TV spot has a little more honesty.