Tall & Short girl problems (14 GIF)

If you’re a few inches taller or shorter than the average height, it seems that the world is conspiring against you. To highlight this universal truth, artist Sara Pocock has created a series of illustrations that focus on the annoying problems both giant and pixie girls face nearly every day.

Tall girls problems

1. Showering isn’t as fun when you have to bend over to wash your hair.

2. According to your mirror, you’re going to walk around decapitated all day.

3. First of all, waking up with cold feet every morning is just a fact of life.

4. Now if only it was easier to find jackets that fit…

5. …So on most days, it’s Goodbye Heels, Hello Flats.

6. Towering over the crowd in any public place feels like you’re attracting attention…

7. Forget about crossing your legs under your desk.