Son starts sharing his dad’s hilarious reactions to video games

Nowadays, millions of people are playing video games, with a multi-billion dollar industry having a wide range of genres to satisfy all needs. The appeal of video games is higher than ever, with realistic designs, innovative technologies, and even business and career possibilities readily available in the field. And while the majority of gamers are people under the age of 40, the older generation is not shying away from games.
On August 19, Marc Straight tweeted about his dad trying out new video games and it quickly gained attention, due to the father’s commentary on specific games. Marc is a music composer and sound effect designer for the game and haunted attraction industries, so introducing his father to video games is a way of getting his parents familiar with his career.

“He always knew about gaming though he stopped playing around the Sega CD period. He’s still finding out what games he likes which is normal. He has a lot of opinions on the games I play so that’s coming over to what he plays as well” Marc added.