Israeli painter draw comics about his family life

Several times before we introduced you to the work of Yehuda Adi Devir, who became famous over the Internet for … having a family and family life. Well, and, of course, the talent to portray the most ordinary everyday moments at the same time in a colourful, funny and periodically touching way.

  1. Artist keeps illustrating everyday life with his wife (21 images)
  2. Witty pictures showing marriage life of the artist and his wife

Steadily watching his work, the online community was looking forward to the moment of the birth of a child. And that happened!
The new drawings of our beloved Israeli show not only the life of the newlyweds, but they also show the life of parents! With all the expected nuances.

1. Water Break

2. 17 Hours

3. It’s a girl!!!

4. Sh!t Happens!

5. That touch

6. Dirty 30!

7. Please go to sleep

8. The First Shower

9. Shot to the heart and nurse to blame

10. Mommy for Everyone

11. All for One