The most creative and unusual benches

It would seem what could be more ordinary than a bench? Where to apply imagination when designing? However, this seemingly quite ordinary form of urban interior decoration can decorate any park or street, turning them into a popular attraction and favourite vacation spot.

1. Bum seats

2. Upside down. This is creepy…

3. Saint Louis Art Museum, USA

4. Typewriter Bench. Very creative concept bench on which to knock and a secret message!

5. Park in Vocklabruck, Austria

6. ‘Root Bench’ in Seoul Blurs the Boundaries Between Nature and Design

7. Soft Benches are conceived after an encounter with awkwardly placed benches on a street in Biella, Italy. The use of the locally produced wool thread memorialises the social aspect of the economic decline of the textile industry in the region, as it is no longer something upon which the local population is able to rely or ‘lean on’.

8. Shevchenko Park in Odessa, Ukraine

9.Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

10. Robot bench, Enschede, Netherlands

11. Tree Bench at Pratt Park/ Seattle, USA

12. This unusual urban furniture is fun, funky and functional.

13. Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City

14. “Body & Soul in Harmony”/ Hamburg, Germany