Times people discovered surprising things left inside buildings by previous owners (21 images)

History is all around us, and if you look hard enough, sometimes it can be right under your feet… in the basement. Here is a list of people who made unintentional ‘archeological’ discoveries and then found a way to put them to good use.

1. Our new apartment has a little milk door under the cabinets

2. This vintage space themed wallpaper found under 3 layers of other wallpaper in an old farm house

3. The house I’m staying in has kept its original well as a feature

4. I’ve been living in my house and I just noticed my back door handle is a spoon

5. There’s a random chain embedded in the wall of my 1930s-era home

6. Uncovered at a Times Square construction site

7. Friend tore down his wall for renovations and found this mural on another wall behind it