Funny pranks that will earn you a one way trip to hell (18 images)


Looking for the perfect office or home prank to do? I got you covered. But beware: These pranks will earn you the ire of many people because of how evil they are. But hey, the devil will be proud of you and he will give you a free holiday in hell.

Ready to discover how much evil you can be?

1. Ahh, the sweet scent of shrimp!

2. Why is my soap not bubbling??

3. Even the mightiest of men will scream in fear!

4. It’s a time bomb!

5. This is also one good way to piss off your IT department.

6. This is a long con, it will take days for it to grow, but boy it will grow and surprise everyone.

7. Just don’t drive on the freeway because this will land you in jail.

8. This is one way to get murdered by your boss.

9. Mmmm, love the flavor.