Dogs begging for food that you just can’t say no to. Part 2 (19 images)


Dogs are not shy about their love of food. As every dog owner knows, if there’s food about you can guarantee your pup is in the vicinity, sniffing, drooling and putting on their best sad eyes. You have to have a heart of steel to resist these masters of the beg, dogs who know exactly how to get what they want using all the techniques in their armory!

If you missed the previous publication – Part 1

1. Please mom, can I have some of your food?

2. That’s love

3. Dog knows he’s not allowed on top of table but wants popcorn so badly! Well, technically he’s not breaking the rule

4. She’s not allowed to beg, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to look nonchalant

5. “Mom can we please have more cookies, I know we already had some but it wasn’t enough”

6. He desire spagoote