Alpacas that will make you smile (21 images)

Few animals have the power to make us smile quite like alpacas. There’s just something about the South American camelids that’s difficult not to like. Maybe it’s because they’re actually not so different from many human beings. They’re slightly awkward, they’re incapable of looking sophisticated in photographs, and some of them even like to go surfing. Don’t believe us? Then check out this list to see what we mean.
Did you know that there are only two breeds of alpaca? One is the Huacaya and the other is the Suri. Huacaya alpacas have fluffy fur like teddy bears, while the latter have long wavy hair. Also, while many people often confuse alpacas and llamas, they’re actually distinct in many ways. Llamas for example have long banana-shaped ears while alpacas have ears that are short and spear-shaped. Llamas are also around twice the sizes of alpacas. Bet you didn’t know that!

1. If bruno mars were an alpaca

2. Curious alpaca

3. Always happy to see a camera

4. Never a bad hair day

5. Well hello there

6. Kisses to all of you

7. It’s Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot