Birds out of balloons!

Hi, my name is Terry. I am an artist that works predominantly with watercolour, but I also enjoying working with acrylic and ink. I mostly paint iconic pop culture figures for gallery pieces, and from time to time I do commissioned work too. I’m an artist who mostly paints, draws and makes robots, but I also love to experiment with stuff.

A few years back I learned how to make some balloons for my niece, and basically it got out of hand…

I love animals, especially birds (British birds in particular) so thought I would have a go at making some out of balloons.

I use qualatex balloons and they claim the natural latex they use degrades as quickly as an oak leaf. Although I since found out oak leaves can take four years to break down! I would never EVER leave a balloon outside anyway. And I’ve kept all the spent ones until I figure out how to get rid of them properly.

I’ve gave myself a nervous condition listening to them burst all the time. Worth it!