Women slaying the online comedy world

1. Jasmine Luv
The Insta-famous comedian garnered massive laughs and popularity with her funny reenactments of how women act in many real-life scenarios.

2. Lala Sizahands
Lala is best known for her hilarious remixes to popular songs, including this very funny remake of Beyoncé’s “Love Drought” performance from the 2017 Grammys.

3. Jasmin Brown
The aspiring actress and comedian, who refers to herself as “The Female Martin Lawrence,” is best known for playing many different male and female roles in her skits, including “Termite,” “Toya,” and “Reggie.”

4. Sydnee Washington
Sydnee is the other half of “The Unofficial Expert,” podcast with besite Marie. Besides also being a part-time, stand-up comedian, she can be found on social media boasting her perfectly imperfect flaws and fumbles in her videos.

5. Khadi Da Don
Khadi started off doing funny celebrity voice overs on Vine, but soon moved to Instagram and Youtube to recreate hilarious moments in Black pop culture. Check her out crashing a Target to play “Ronnie” the stripper from “Player’s Club.”

All eyes on me!!! #PlayersClub

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