Epic teachers troll students (21 images)

1. Obviously love and candy

2. He does this every test so we don’t chea

3. Psychology Professor trolls two of his students

4. He asked the teacher for a pen

5. I fell for it (Troll Teacher)

6. Professor Quirrell

7. When you don’t show up for spanish class and your teacher is extra as hell

8. My Professor really brought a Mf Coffin to class to say “Yall test scores had me dead”

9. When your teacher counters back

10. Funny teacher

11. Just got burned by my Cs Professor

12. I think the teacher is sick of the our class

13. My son’s teacher is proud of me

14. My Proffessor’s got jokes

15. Our biology teacher brought a skeleton to class

16. My Professors desktop before our final exam

17. Never say “Yo” to your Professor

18. My chemistry teachers solution to people stealing her calculators

19. Awesomely evil Professor

20. On my english teachers door

21. Math teacher got tired of kids not returning her pencils