Do you know the biggest cat on the planet?

In South Carolina, USA, Myrtle Beach Safari Park bred a hybrid of a tiger and a lion.
Mike Halston, known in social networks under the nickname The Real Tarzann, posted on his Instagram and YouTube channel a video where he and a friend are walking with a huge liger.

A five-year liger named Apollo is a hybrid of a lion and a tigress. This unique cat weighs 320 kilograms and lives in the Myrtle Beach Safari Safari Park in the US state of South Carolina.
A unique liger is compared to a prehistoric sabre-toothed tiger, whose weight reached 400 kg.
According to the Daily Mail, Apollo Hercules’ uncle, who lives in the same park, now weighs more than 418 kilograms.

He enters the Guinness Book of Records as the largest representative of the cat family in the world. Every day he eats about 14 kilograms of meat – this is the weight of an average two-year-old child.

Young Apollo has every chance of surpassing his relative.