Terrible examples when harmless things can frighten people to a heart attack

Who has not come across the fact that a chair with clothes can turn into a mysterious stranger, and the shadow of a tree seems to be a crooked hand in the dark? Everyone has fears and phobias that complicate their life. Someone is afraid of insects, another is terrified of height, and someone else is scared of darkness. Sometimes quite harmless things can make you sink into a faint.

1. A great way to bring to a heart attack.

That is not a person. Just an original way to hang clothes.

2. Simply a blanket dried on a chair.

3. You enter the room, and your heart stops for a second.

4. The shadow looks pretty scary.

5. This is not a ghost in the window. Just a reflection of a person watching TV.

6. In the neighbour’s backyard.

These are not ghosts and not a secret order of people in white. Just trees wrapped for the winter.

7. These are not the hands of the dead. This is a raccoon!

Raccoon hands reaching through the boardwalk from creepy