Times kids made everyone laugh out loud (21 images)

Who doesn’t love a good prank? Well I guess that all depends on what side of the joke you’re on. When it comes to mischief there are no minds that work quite like that of a child. There is something about youth that channels your inner creativity, sometimes to the chagrin of others. Unfortunately for the parents and family members that live with these ‘imaginative’ kids, they are often the guinea pigs for their prank ideas.

1. So apparently there’s a little kid in front of us on this flight

2. Every time I fall asleep my brother steals my laptop and somehow logs on and takes pictures on my webcam

3. My kid’s grounded so she had to help power wash the deck. I came back to this. Grounding extended

4. Turned 40 today. My kids greeted me with this tragedy on my front porch

5. My 13-year-old sister thinks she’s hilarious

6. When your older brother is learning to drive

7. Prankster daughter